Pipeline Maintenance Limited changed their trading name on the
17/12/12 to the following:

Corrosion technology Services Europe limited.
CTS Logo

“The Complete Solution Providers”
All other aspects of our business remained the same (phone, fax, personnel).
For sales email: salesEU@ctsonline.com
For enquiries email: enquiriesEU@ctsonline.com

Pipeline Maintenance Ltd provides cathodic protection design and engineering services, plus the supply of cathodic protection materials and equipment.

pml has an in-house design and manufacturing capability for transformer rectifiers and junction boxes that are at the core of all impressed current cathodic protection systems. This resource, which is not available to many of our competitors, allows pml to supply these key items particularly competitively.

The company has field service manpower to undertake system installation and commissioning, plus routine monitoring of sacrificial and impressed current systems.

pml also specialises in the provision of Close Interval Potential (CIP) and DC Voltage Gradient (DCVG) buried pipeline surveys.